Friday, October 15, 2010

Red-breasted Nuthatch

 The Red-breasted Nuthatch breed and reside in Newfoundland practically year around. These pictures were taken along the Long Pond walking trail. It is unusual to find this little bird in a low easy to location. They are most often found scurrying down the tree bark of high trees where they are feeding on insects within the bark.
 Prior to this, most of my pictures of the Red-breasted Nuthatch were too dark to share. No retouching could help. I was very pleased when I came upon it feeding on this  broken tree stump. It was quite cooperative. Unfortunately, this group of shots was taken with my older lens and are not crisp.
 During the summer, for the first time, I has two Red-breasted Nuthatches come to my feeder on a regular basis. They worked the feeder much like the Chickadees. They would fly in, take some seed and fly off again and again.
They are very attractive little birds that provide a great bit of entertainment at my feeder. I can't wait to set up a bird cam on my feeder. As I get closer to getting my pictures all uploaded, I will work on that.
This is a more typical pose of a RB Nuthatch as it works the bark to find a meal.

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