Thursday, February 28, 2019

Familiar Bird in Unfamiliar Territory

 Growing up in Arkansas seeing Northern Cardinal was a daily occurrence.  Yet, there is something about this great bird that made me pause every time.
 It is the male of this species that is the most flashing, but you can't miss the brightly coloured beak on the female. Imagine looking out at your feeder in Pouch Cove, or Lawn to see this unfamiliar bird! What a delight!
 The Northern Cardinal is a hardy bird, able to survive well in harsh winter conditions. That begs the question why it is so rare for this species to show up in Newfoundland.
It is my understanding there is a male and female on the Burin Peninsula. Wouldn't it be exciting if they decided to stay and "make home" on the province.
 I watched this great bird as it seemed to feel very much at home as it frequently visited the feeder and picked seed from the ground. I also couldn't help but notice the nice cover around the feed which has to be great in preventing the seed from getting spoiled by the rain and snow as well as keeping most of the seed in the feeder.
 Can't relate how nice it was to see this bird in the "dead of winter." Conditions here this winter with raging wind and below-normal temperatures have made it difficult for me got venture out.
 Seeing this feeder bird was not difficult. I sat comfortably in my warm car until it arrived. What a bonus I enjoyed to the fullest.