Newfoundland Butterfly Checklist


As a novice interested in butterflies, I was unable to find a web site that listed the butterflies of  NL AND provided photos for quick reference. It is out of that need I decided to develop this page. For a quick look an image of each species, follow this link:

Return to this page to follow a specific species.

With my limited knowledge of all insects, I am unable to provide info about each of these species, but that information is clearly available all over the Net. For me, the first step to learning was to be able to identify the species I see.

This list is based on MUN page: and my own observations.

Butterflies of Newfoundland Checklist

SPECIES X = Observed
American LadyX
Atlantis FritillaryX
Brown ElfinX
Cabbage WhiteX
Clouded YellowX
Common RingletX
Compton TortoiseshellX
European SkipperX
Green CommaX
Milbert's TortoiseshellX
Mourning CloakX
Northern BlueX
Painted LadyX
Pink-edged SulfurX
Question Mark
Red AdmiralX
Silvery Blue
Short-tailed SwallowtailX
Spring AzureX
Tiger Swallowtail (Canada)X
White-Admiral ButterflyX
Orange SulphurX Unsure
Bog CopperX
Alfalfa Caterpillar
Mustard White
Jutta Arctic
Arctic Blue
Silver-bordered Frittillary
Gray Comma
Pearl Crescent

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