Saturday, October 2, 2010

Common Yellowthroat

I have added yet another warbler to my collection. Just in time, I might add because I took a brief jaunt yesterday to a notable warbler area and there was not one to be seen. Migration has started.

When I looked up this warbler in the field guides, I was surprised to find that it is not listed under Warblers but rather under Yellowthroat. I don't know why but this is considered a New World warbler. Maybe that makes a difference.

This female Common Yellowthroat was, just as the field guide said, sitting low in the tree and under the brush. At one point it came out onto the road but the bright sunlight made those images too stark so I decided to post these shady images.
Even though this was my first Common Yellowthroat, they are apparently very common all across North America. I viewed this one while on a bird tour along Bear Cove Road on the Southern Shore. On that morning in early September, there were many birds in the area. It is particularly nice to view birds with other birdwatchers as they share the enthusiasm and photographic challenges. Yet, I still really enjoy going out alone in search of a new bird for my list.
I can't really describe the feeling associated with finding a new bird and then getting it out into the open suitable for photos. There is an immense satisfaction associated with the whole process, including downloading the images to discover a number of suitable pics.
Although my shots are far from being perfect or artistic, they are getting much better. This blog has allowed me to follow the improvement over the months. Frequently, I find myself going back to old postings and removing the old shots to replace them with better shots. That process will probably go on for quite some time.

Note:  I am once again tempted by a new camera body. Getting good pictures starts with a great camera. Without it, opportunities come and go.
I am currently shooting with a Canon Rebel XS and a 70mm to 300mm IS Canon lens.

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