Saturday, October 16, 2010

White-winged Crossbill

 The White-winged Crossbill remains one of my favorite birds. It was the first red bird that I saw in Newfoundland and, against the snow, it looked so very red. These are old pictures. Who knew that I was so far behind in my postings. I have dedicated a lot of time this month to try to post pictures of birds that I have seen, even if they are only record-quality shots.
 These shots were taken at a very long distance and upward against a harsh back light with a 250mm lens. It just didn't get the job done but I will have a lot of opportunity this winter to try again. I now know where to find these birds and their distinctive call certainly helps to pinpoint them.
These birds are named for its overlapping bill that it uses to extract seeds from trees, weeds and sunflowers. The white tips on the wings are also included in the name. Most birds are named for their specific characteristics.

This bird is in Newfoundland all year long and can breed in the winter. Perhaps that is why their color is so bright during the winter months.

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