Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carolina Wren

 I am still working through the photos of all of the birds that I saw in Arkansas. I am down to about seven more to go. This Carolina Wren was the only wren that I saw while there. Luckily he returned to the yard several times giving me a chance to catch him in the sunlight.
The Carolina Wren is a permanent resident of the East, Southeast U.S.  My sister kept telling me that she had regular visits from a House Wren so I was keeping a close eye out for that bird. It never showed up, but I was just as satisfied when I got to add the Carolina Wren to my list.

 Books indicate that the Carolina is very tolerant of people, but this one certainly didn't make it easy for me to photograph him. It stayed in shady areas and a good distance away. When approached, it would scurry away.

This is my favorite shot where he seems to be very comfortable in his natural habitat.

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