Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red-bellied Woodpeckers

 To me, there is something very interesting about woodpeckers. They seem to have a unique personality. I was very pleased when this Red-bellied Woodpecker became a regular visitor within camera shot of my sister's home in Little Rock.

 I watched and photographed him on several days either at the top of the power pole or eating from the neighbor's feeder.
 The Red-bellied Woodpecker is a little more than 9 inches in length and has a very distinct woodpecker shape including the long beak and long tail that provides extra support for hanging on the side of trees. It is a resident of mid to Southeast America and is quite common there.
 The red on the head is very bright while there is a little red underneath the chin and neck. This indicates that this is likely a female.

There have been sightings of the Red-bellied Woodpecker in Newfoundland but it would be considered a rarity. It's too back that there isn't much chance that I can lure one of these into my back yard.

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