Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Tranquility - then Not!

 With the temps edging above freezing, I have been venturing out during windless mornings. There are a few new birds starting to flow in, but the moment-of-the day came when I encountered these two.
 A yearling moose was immediately curious about me when I popped out of the woods. Very close by was his mom.
 I expected these large moose to run scared as most do and disappear in the woods. That didn't happen.
 While trying to act nonchalant, the yearling kept a close eye on me.
 It wasn't long before he decided to check me out.
 He started to work his way in my direction. Wow! This was really nice. What great views of our largest mammal.
 Mom Moose was ever vigilant in watching over her young.
 She quickly stepped into the path of the yearling and cut his movement off.
 It was now the mom that studied me closely as I stood frozen in place. I have seen enough of these to know how fast they can run or charge.
 Never taking my eye off of them, I shot several pictures.
 The yearling was quick to find a way around and continue to explore me.

 He got the outside path and now it was clear sailing.
 Mom tried to talk him out of it,
 The yearling begged, but that got him nowhere.
 Suddenly, the yearling made his move.
 He jumped out front and headed straight toward me with purpose. Wow! It was then, I realized, I needed to get out of their way. I headed up into the woods for safety.
Mom Moose gave me a clear message that I needed to go.
Her attention was torn between the yearling and me. Not wanting to mess with them any more, I backed my way out of the area. I left them in peace as they continued to meander around the edge of the pond. What a special encounter, even if it was a little edgy.