Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Common Loon

You may have noticed a number of postings today. It is a rainy, cold day outside and I am using my time to try to catch up on postings on my site. I have many things I want to do with the site but can't get caught up with the pictures. I will try two more postings today so please do come back later.

This is a Common Loon, the provincial bird of Ontario. They are not a particularly common sight in Newfoundland but I have come across several this summer. Unfortunately, it stays in the center of deep waters which makes it very difficult to get a good picture. Consider these to be record shots and I will keep trying.  It is very common for a Loon to disappear and stay under water for a long time and then reappear many yards away.

 I came across this little loon in the large city water supply. I assume that this is a juvenile given that it was in the Spring and that I found a pair of loons elsewhere on the lake. He ventured a little closer to shore. He still has a lot to learn.

In this shot, it looks like they are searching for the little one. I don't think there was anything to worry about because one loud loon yodel across the water would announce the position.

 Update November 6, 2010:  I took my first walk around Octagon Pond yesterday and was surprised by the absence of birds in its great country setting. On the last stretch of the 4 km hike, my eyes landed on this great Common Loon.

This was my first opportunity to be so close to a loon. Usually, they stay in the middle of large bodies of fresh water and rarely venture to shore. This one was about 25' from shore which was pretty good. By this time of the year, the Common Loon has now molted into its Winter plumage, making it look quite different from the summer dress pictured above.

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