Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

I saw my first and only Yellow-bellied Flycatcher on Bear Cove Road on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland. At first the flycatcher was deep in the woods. When the group headed into the woods to see it better, it decided to come out beside the road. Of course, we all rushed back out.
 When you see a bird, there is no guarantee that a picture will materialize. This Yellow-bellied Flycatcher decided to play a game of hide and seek behind the leaves. He did not seem too spooked by our presence but stayed in a safe place, just to be sure. The YB Flycatcher has a pale yellow belly with a light olive green back. It has a yellow eye ring and two white wing bars.
 Even with all of these identifiable markings, one of the surest signs, seen only when it is in some positions, is the fact that the head looks too big for the body. This is typical of flycatchers.
 Once this Yellow-belly got comfortable with us, it went back to doing what it does - catching flies.
I was really glad to see this little bird before the opportunity passed this year. There is hope that I will get another opportunity in the future because it is a resident of Newfoundland.

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