Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lesser Yellowlegs

It is much more common to see the Greater Yellowlegs in Newfoundland than it is to find the Lesser Yellowlegs. Both birds look very much alike. As the name implies the Lesser is just that - lesser beak and lesser leg length. Upon notice by the discussion group, I went to see this bird at Kenny's Pond in June. 
This time, all alone, I came upon this Lesser Yellowlegs in Tilting, Fogo Island. The beak is clearly much shorted than the Greater Yellowlegs and it is straighter and tapered. The Greater has a longer beak that is slightly turned upward.

For easy comparison, I have included this picture of a pair of Greater Yellowlegs where the longer beak is slightly turned up. For further comparison, please check the Greater Yellowlegs posting in this blog.

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