Friday, October 15, 2010


On the bird tour of September 11, 2010, I added seven new birds to my life list. This little Sanderling was one of them. There were actually several running along the beach. Their style is to run out with the ebb of the tide and run back into shore ahead of the flow. It is their intent to grab invertebrates that are exposed by the receding waters.

This Sanderling has already begun its transition from summer to winter plumage. Summer plumage is usually much brighter and flashier for breeding while winter plumage is dull.

This little bird is a traveller. It can travel up to almost 13,000 km between its winter and summer homes. It nests in both Arctics. It is amazing that this little bird has such endurance. I have added a picture with a Sanderling next to a Semipalmated Plover for size comparison. This bird is only about 20 cm.

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