Thursday, October 7, 2010

American Goldfinch

 The American Goldfinch is a common sight in Newfoundland year around. So, why don't I have any better pictures? It's not for lack of trying. Every time I see the Goldfinch I give it a few clicks in the hopes that I will get some good shots. I haven't yet.
 These shots were taken from my kitchen door and are a bit washed out from the bright sun reflecting off this female's yellow breast. When I realized that I didn't have any American Goldfinch posted, I thought I should correct that right away. Anytime that I get better shots, I will replace these.
The male American Goldfinch is brighter yellow and has a distinct black cap. It is that black cap that makes them very difficult to photograph because the dark eye fades into the head and can not be readily seen.
I have tried to tweak my bird mix in the feeder to draw in a lot of different birds. Finch are known to like Niger seed. However, there seems to be no guarantee that the favorite seed will bring in the desired species on demand. It really is a matter of keeping an eye on the feeder and catching the visitors at the right time. I am contemplating putting a web cam on my feeder because I think I may be missing a lot of good birds.

Note: I added two new pictures to my House Sparrow posting, again.

This image of an American Goldfinch was taken in December. Over time, I should be able to build a collection of images that show different birds in all different seasons. They change quite a lot.

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