Sunday, May 22, 2016

Recent Sightings

It seems I've fallen way behind in sharing some of my images. While I have a load of shots of birds seen before these, I decided to  share some of the most recent. This Palm Warbler seen alongside Highway 10 caught me off guard. It only stayed for about 15 seconds and was gone again. Another appeared closer to Cape Broyle, but I didn't get out of the car quick enough.
This Laughing Gull was actually the target bird of the day, and he proved to be very cooperative. It seemed much larger and much tamer than the Franklin's Gull seen a week earlier.

Ethel Dempsey and I had a surprise when we saw two birds in Renews not presenting with yellow legs. The bird shown on the lower part of the rock appears to be the new arrival. It was much "buffier" than the Willet standing on the top of the rock.

It was also quite tired. For a few moments, I tried to turn this bird into something more exotic, but all of that faded as the two birds lifted. One look at the wing pattern was enough to confirm that there were TWO Willets resting in Renews.

While I enjoy going to see birds previously sighted, the biggest thrill comes when the unexpected appears right in front of you. The second Willet provided that rush often felt by birders when surprised in the moment.

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