Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Long Way Around

Something radical has really come over me.  For years I have always been a keener about time, fuel consumption and wear and tear on my car. Now... I never go anywhere that I don't go the long way around in the hope of seeing some birds.  I have to leave earlier than necessary, plan my route and hope that I don't see anything that will cause me to arrive late at my destination.
Such was the case two weeks ago when I was on my way to my youngest granddaughter's christening.  Just can't walk up to the front of the church late, it's not right.

I cruised the back roads on my way and noticed a small bird flying across the road. I always stop for that. I pulled over and opened my window to look around. Just overhead was this awesome perched adult Bald Eagle. I would have missed that if the little bird hadn't appeared.

This was on November 27th and it has taken me ten days to see another. Today I spotted an adult eagle soaring above Quidi Vidi. When the light caught it's head and tail it glistened. No matter how many of these I see they always create a "stop and stare" moment.

Other birds of note that I saw today were the LINCOLN'S Sparrow.  I caught sight of it twice at quite close range but it hid so quickly that I didn't get any pictures. I will have to keep trying for that. Also, there were at least three, possibly four, Surf Scoters visable from the Cape Spear lookout. The male was quite stunning.  Around nearby were also about four White-winged Scoters, a Common Loon and a Black Guillemot. I will have to check out the Red-throated Loon tomorrow.

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