Monday, December 5, 2011

Fox Sparrow - 2011

 The Fox Sparrow is one of the easiest sparrows to identify. Its rusty colors flash even at a distance.  Among the streaked sparrows it is among the largest and can be up to 7.5" long.
Its large body is matched with a large melodious song.  It is easy to identify this bird by its song alone long before it is seen.
 The Fox Sparrow was extremely plentiful this year.  I can't say if this is typical or not because this is the first summer that I really had to study the birds of summer.
I did, however, find this sparrow to be among the first to arrive and among the last to leave. These shots were taken on September 13, 2011 just off the East Coast Trail beyond the light houses on Cape Spear.

This was my first season to explore this area for birds and I was really surprised by the number and variety of birds that congregated here.  The trail is very busy during good weather but that didn't seem to drive the birds very far from the trail.

I have now learned so many areas to bird that I can't possibly visit them all regularly but given my experience on this trail, I will venture there much earlier in the season next year.

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