Monday, May 11, 2015

White-crowned Sparrow - Renews

 While rushing down to Portugal Cove South on Saturday, I took a quick detour to Clara Dunne's feeder in Renews. She had recently reported the presence of a White-crowned Sparrow at her feeder.
 When I arrived, all the birds flushed as  my car rolled into the driveway. I parked in a strategic location and waited. One by one, the birds returned to enjoy their morning meal.
 Among them was this uncommon White-crowned Sparrow. I would have loved to have gotten closer, but I knew it would have been self-defeating as all of the birds would have flushed again. I enjoyed the view until a Blue Jay squawked and scared all the birds into hiding again.
While this bright White-throated Sparrow had a white stripe on the crown, it is not to be confused with the White-crowned Sparrow. The yellow lore is the giveaway.

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