Saturday, May 9, 2015

Snowy Egret

 Having never seen a Snowy Egret, a trip to Portugal Cove South was a must today. I had an anxious feeling as I headed down as my experience with first sightings of great, white birds in this are has not been successful. I missed the White Pelican and the Tundra Swan. What would the day bring?
Well, it took two swipes before I found it, but the wait was worth it. I spotted it along the road and quickly pulled off to watch it.
 It was actually quite a distance from me, but I sat tight in the car and watched. Many of my photos are really blurry and weird because the wind was shaking my car and blowing the feathers on the bird, and the sun was coming out and going in with every breath.
 As I watched, the egret began to slowly work the waters toward me, feeding all along the way.
 It was always on the move. The only time it froze in place was just prior to the lunge to grab a little fish.
 The many poses of this bird were amazing. It would stretch out and appear quite big, then it would crouch down appearing to be quite small.
 It would twist and arch its neck in so many different configurations. What a show!
This blurry image really should go to the recycle bin, but it shows the bird on alert, and I thought it worth showing. A crow flew a little too close to it, and it stretched as if to exert itself.  Soon, it went back to feeding.

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