Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thanks Madonna!

 While I couldn't find the exact date, I think it was in early January when Madonna found a female Red-winged Blackbird on Cochrane Pond Road. Everyone in the birding community had a chance to see it.
 The main winter rescue mission around St. John's focused on a Pine Warbler in Bowring Park. It got much attention and publicity. All the while, Madonna continued to visit with the Red-winged Blackbird and deliver seed. Several other birders quietly joined in leaving seed in the area to help it and the small flock of winter birds in the area to survive.
The Pine Warbler is long gone, but Madonna's Red-winged Blackbird not only lives on but has attracted another female Red-winged in the area. Now there are two! Thanks Madonna for caring for this great bird throughout the winter. I watched both birds yesterday and thought about your diligence to ensure the safety of this bird, creating a lesser-publicized survival story.

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