Thursday, May 21, 2015

In need of Spring? Visit Lester's Farm.

 While driving up Brookfield Road yesterday, I was listening to a Botanical Garden's interview on the radio. It got me thinking about my garden.
 At that time, I was just approaching Lester's Farm. and just had to pull in.
 Being the bird maniac that I am, I had to stop by to enjoy the two emu towering over the fence. How wonderful these birds are available for children to see just how big birds can be. No trouble to see the relationship between these birds and dinosaurs.
Then, there were two huggable "little goats, one of Lily's kids is shown here.
 Once I turned my attention to all of the color in the yard and greenhouses, I regretted I didn't have the proper lens with me to document it all. With a 300 mm prime lens, I did the best I could to get a focus.
There were rows upon rows of beautiful flowers both potted and not.
 There were hanging baskets of all kinds. It was tempting to get one of every kind.
 There were annuals everywhere. Once again, I was tempted to get mine for the season, but it was the thought of possibility of frost over the next few weeks that held me back. I was told it is best to put these in after Father's Day, which is still about a month away.
 All of these beauties of nature are capable of speaking for themselves. I hope you enjoy flipping through the pictures.

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