Sunday, May 24, 2015


 Some say the grouse is a pretty stunned creature, not even smart enough to flee from danger. That may be more the case with the Spruce Grouse than this Ruffed Grouse..
 When a Ruffed Grouse senses danger, it will scurry off and disappear in the woods very quickly. In the meantime, this one sensed no danger from me sitting in my car not five feet from it. So maybe the Ruffed Grouse is only half-stunned.
When I arrived it was eating weeds on the side of the road. It only hesitating for a moment when I stopped, it returned to its meal and even came closer to me.
 Hmmm...maybe I need a dozen of these to mow down the weeds in my yard and a few Pine Grosbeaks for good measure!
Ruffed Grouse are most frequently seen by the side of the road in the early morning hours and following a rain shower. Apparently, they don't like getting wet walking around in the woods, so they move into more open areas. Having said that, I must also say I have seen Ruffed Grouse in the heat of the day taking a dust bath in the middle of a gravel road. Wherever or whenever, I always enjoy watching them.

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