Monday, May 25, 2015

The Finder!

All Hail Bruce Mactavish...finder of rare birds! In two short weeks, Bruce has found a trilogy of rare birds: A Garganey, Little Egret and now... a Glossy Ibis.
 He has an uncanny ability to sniff them out based, I guess, on his years of experience of the yield of location, winds and calendar. Thanks to his skills, we have all been able to enjoy the fruit of his labour. Hot on his heels is Alvan Buckley who has also found numerous great birds for all of us to enjoy.
 Well, my day started when I sat down with my morning coffee and turned on my computer. What? A Glossy Ibis nearby? Not one, but TWO. Well, the coffee quickly came out of the usual cup and was tossed into a travel mug, and I was off.
These birds were really far away, and the wind was gusting up to 60 km, and the grass was high. No one said it was going to be easy to see these two great birds. The harder it is, the sweeter the reward.
It took a little time for both birds to step out in the open, but they both did. One was feeling frisky and put on a show with every short flight.
 The size of this bird surprised me. It was really big. Of course, it would have to be to support the weight of that beak.
I wonder how long they will stay. Will they move closer to the viewing area? Will I get a really good look at them before they vanish?
 The color of the ibis shows best when it is in flight.
The carnival is setting up across the way. I wonder if it will expedite the departure of these two. Now, the added bonus at this location is a Ruff spotted by Brendan Kelly while looking at the Glossy Ibis. These high winds just keep on giving.

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