Monday, May 4, 2015

Blue-winged Teal - Kent's Pond

 This is my kind of day...sunny, warming with a gentle West wind. During my afternoon walk at Kent's Pond yesterday, I saw this critter. I didn't see enough of it to determine if it were a beaver or a muskrat. Obviously, I don't know much about aquatic rodents. I returned to the pond this morning to try to get a better look at it.
While scanning the reeds, I was met with a big surprise. A male Blue-winged Teal swam out. I don't see many of these birds, making this very special.
 Appearing behind the male was the "missus." Wow! It has been several years since I actually saw a pair of them.
 These birds are very wild and will not tolerate people. Quickly, they will drift away, always keeping an eye on you or actually burst into flight. While I was texting the find, they disappeared on me. I walked around the pond and enjoyed the sound of the Fox Sparrows and Robins singing from high in the trees.
When I returned to the original area, I was really pleased to see the teals had returned, and the Wood Duck was feeding on some seeds on the trail. The minute it saw me coming, it shot into the air and came down in the area of the duck feeding area with the bench. What a great reward for an already perfect morning! Now, the only thing I didn't see was the rodent.

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