Sunday, May 17, 2015

Barn Swallows Nowhere Near a Barn

 Zipping by at 30 to 40 km per hour, these birds are not easy to photograph. I got about five minutes with them this morning at Bidgood Park before they flew away.
 It is such a delight to see the swallows back. I saw five Tree Swallows and five Bank Swallows this morning in Goulds.
 This species is the only swallow that is really swallow-tailed, as stated by Peterson. He also describes the underneath coloring as cinnamon-buff which is spot-on.
 I also read that Barn Swallows will often nest underneath Osprey nests because the Osprey will quickly spot predators and alert the swallows. I will watch for that this summer.
The top side of the Barn Swallow is a blue-black color, showing no glossy sheen like the Tree Swallow.  If we are lucky the Bank Swallow will show up next.

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