Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring White-winged Crossbill

Steadily, I have been seeing Pine Grosbeaks since January.  There was a pair on Blackhead Road that showed themselves all winter. This gave me an opportunity to really look them over.  Even in off-breeding season, they are a striking bird with their size, posture and color.  The male with its reds and the female with its dull yellows and browns.
However, never have I seen one so brilliant as this male Pine Grosbeak found sitting in a tree on Power's Road. That's because it isn't a Pine Grosbeak at all but a White-winged Crossbill. It sang a song just as rich as its red color. One of the nice things about finding a singing bird is that it will likely stay for a while providing a great opportunity for viewing.

After a gray winter, the beautiful colors of spring birds provide excitement and enjoyment. This lure can easily zap six hours out of an otherwise productive day!

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