Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spring Mourning Dove

I really

 I really wish the pictures could do justice to this bird! I waited a long time this year before I saw a Mourning Dove, and the wait was worth it. This was without doubt the most stunning Mourning Dove I have seen.
Sitting on a branch some distance away, it was eyeing a feeder and just waiting for a moment to hop down. However, several times, something spooked it, and it flew into the woods.  This bird was a peach color with pale yellow under under the tail.  It was sleek, and all of its feathers in tact. Its colors were so different, I had to initially wonder if it was really a Mourning Dove. However, all of the markings verify it is.

Maybe this is just the first time I have seen this species in its fresh spring suit. I looked at many pictures on the net but couldn't find one colored quite like this one.

Sure wish it had approached me as I would have really liked to capture this bird for keeps. Sometimes, a good look just has to be enough.

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