Friday, June 8, 2012

Black & White Warbler, a Favorite

There are oodles of Black and White Warblers in the woods this year. Typically, this curious little bird is easy to see, but not always.  Walk along most any woody trail and it is possible to hear a tiny little "seet-seet" or "tik" come from the intertwined undergrowth at about knee level.
I have heard hundreds of these little noises this year, and many times, the bird never shows itself.  Since the nest of the Black and White is often set at the base of a tree, it is quite possible that nesting has begun.  I have not seen any females yet this year, and it is likely they are busy sitting on the nest.  The eggs of the Black and white require 10-12 incubation days.  In the days to come, the woods will fill up with even more Black and White Warblers. Each one is a pleasure to watch as they flit by, stop and stare or hang upside down picking at the insects under the bark.
Yesterday, on a trip to Central, I made a quick detour to Arnold's Cove via Come-by-Chance.  We traveled across a 3km dirt road from one community to the next.  This road was filled with bird activity (mostly warblers), even with the poor weather. If anyone is in the area and has more time than I did, this looked like a very interesting area to check out.

P.S. When asking directions to Arnold's Cove, the man beamed when he mentioned the Pelican that stayed in the beach at Come-by-Chance for two days.

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  1. One of theses birds flew and crashed into my window. I held it in my hand for about 15 to 20 minutes before it flew away. I think it got got a concussion. I don't know but I was feeling down and it really made me happy!!! I hope it's ok! Is that norma?