Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birding With My Granddaughter

Yesterday was one of those special days that I spend with my granddaughter.  She is so bright and willing to engage in an adventure at any time.  I took her to MUN in search of the Common Yellowthroat spotted there the day before.  We didn't have any luck, but we made the most of finding Juncos.  On our stroll back to the car, we came across this lovely patch of tulips, and she fully cooperated with my request to tiptoe into the patch.
In between appointments and chores, we stopped by Kenny's Pond to see the swans and play in the play ground. Introducing a child to birdwatching is really all about making the experience fun and exciting.  She was really taken by the flashy displays of  Mr. Swan. The size of the nest and Mrs. Swan "sitting" was also special.

We walked around the pond where we saw a single Yellow Warbler singing its heart out. As we made our way around the pond, she wondered why people walk in circles.
She quickly spotted the playground and birdwatching was put on hold for a while.  The equipment at this location is the best I have seen in the city for a four-year-old. Every piece was age-appropriate, and she had a grand time. Once again making an observation...why are there so few children playing there?  This time on our way back to the car, out popped Mr. Swan heading straight for us. Uh-oh! We backed away and then ran for safety. How exciting!

Later in the afternoon, we looked at the pictures from the morning. Also on my camera were these shots taken the day before.  As soon as she saw these she made a gleeful identification - " A Red Warbler."
When I told her they were Purple Finches, she wasn't going to buy into that. There is no purple on them! She wanted to see more bird pictures.  That, I think, is the key to nurturing a little birdwatcher...keep it short and sweet and keep them wanting more.

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