Sunday, May 27, 2012

Expect the Unexpected!

It was the report of the Northern Shovelers that pulled me away from my yard on the 22nd.  I hurried over to Goulds and was able to see them.  Of course, it is impossible to be in the area and not check out a few other places. Given the time of the day, late afternoon, I didn't expect to see anything on Power's Road.
It was really quiet there that evening, until Margie M. and I came upon this Hermit Thrush singing away. We certainly didn't expect to see it.  It stayed in the area in full voice and outlasted us.

It is one thing to go in search of a special bird, or just explore an area for familiar and common birds. However, when one unexpected finds its way into the picture, it is adds an extra flavour to the whole trip.

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