Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here they come!

It seems that the first spring sparrow to return to its breeding grounds in Newfoundland is the Fox Sparrow. I find it very interesting how on the very same day that one showed up at my feeder, others were reported at feeders around the city. Do they all arrive together and just drop out of the sky at different places? 
As I have mentioned before, my feeders are most active during snowy days and this was the case last Saturday, March 31st when this Fox Sparrow just appeared in my yard, stayed for about 30 minutes and disappeared again.  I shot these blurry images through the patio door and screen just to record the first visit.
Just yesterday, another birder and I took a drive to a feeder near Second Pond in Goulds and were treated with seeing two Fox Sparrows feeding on the ground under a feeder. As the sun came and went, the reddish and gray colors of this newcomer were warming on a cold, windy day. Having felt quite chilled waiting for the arrival of this bird, it was amazing how I forgot all about the cold as soon as the sparrows hopped out of the woods.
The last Fox Sparrow I saw was on Blackhead Road in Dec. 2011. Clearly, that one missed the boat when it was time to return to its wintering grounds. As far as I know, that bird was not seen after that. Finally, three months later, it is a great indicator of more to come when the Fox Sparrow begins to turn up in a variety of location.  We are all watching in anticipation to see what comes next.

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