Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So many times I drop by Quidi Vidi Lake to see what might just "appear" there. While most times, there is nothing exotic, I am rarely disappointed.  The river outflows on both the east and west end of the lake are often bustling with black ducks, mallards, diving ducks, several species of seagulls and the ever-present Rock Doves (pigeons).
There are about a dozen pigeons that drop by my yard daily, and they are always welcome.  Many people consider these birds, as well as seagulls, to be a nuisance. They are messy, greedy eaters, and pushy but when I really stop and look them in the eye, they have amazing coloring and attractive features.  Their rounded shape, typical of doves, seems to soften them and temper my frustration with their aggressiveness.

When I was a child, my grandfather bought my sister and me two fantail pigeons. He built a house for them attached to out playhouse, and for years, they were a joy. They fluttered and cooed their way into our hearts, but they never produced any offspring. Now, I am guessing they were not a pair, just two fantail pigeons.

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