Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Round-up

 For four consecutive days, I have travelled to Bowring Park to see the Lincoln's Sparrow. On three of those days, I returned home empty-handed. There is no discounting the pleasure of seeing the Pink-footed Goose time and again or bumping into the many birders visiting the area. However, I wanted to see the Lincoln's. Yesterday morning, despite the cold, cold temp, I was determined to stay until I saw it. After two and a half hours of looking, two trips to the bathroom to warm up and the help of a visiting tour guide, I finally saw the target bird, briefly. Mission accomplished.
With a little time to spare and somewhat warmer, I stopped by the Southside to see how the Yellow-rumped Warbler was doing. I was greeted with another surprise. Allison Mews and Ed Hayden had their binoculars trained on the Orange-crowned Warbler. Not knowing what they had when I saw their binoculars up, I slipped and slid down the trail toward them. (The trail is treacherous!) When I arrived, they pointed out the OCW flying on the opposite side of the river. It, too, had survived our nasty blizzard.

I stayed for a few more minutes and saw the OC fly up into a tree above the trail before it darted across the road and disappeared behind the houses. There was no sign of the Pine Warbler nor the Townsend's. Is it possible they, too, are still around?

 Returning to my car, I stopped to enjoy the Yellow-rumped Warbler looking stronger yesterday than the day before.
Perhaps its health can be attributed to his new mastery of eating from the suet. It stayed close the food and landed well on the bag. I did see another warbler staying low in an evergreen, but couldn't get a look at it. At that time I did not have the YRW in sight, so it may have been the same bird. Let's hope all these winter visitors eat well before the next significant snow heads our way tomorrow.

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