Friday, January 18, 2013

Mi casa es su casa

While searching for the Lincoln's Sparrow at Bowring Park on Wednesday, I was fully entertained by the ever-present Pink-footed Goose. The morning light cast it in many shades.
It seems obvious this bird is going to stay around awhile. I couldn't help but think of the common Spanish greeting to visitors who arrive: "mi casa es su casa," literal translation: my house is your house. But the meaning really goes beyond that.

It is the ultimate welcome in the Spanish culture, meaning make yourself at home and treat my home as if it were yours. I think this sentiment has been rolled out to our lingering Pink-footed Goose. I'll never tire of watching him move about the park grounds and pool. He really does seem very much at home. There are times when it is difficult to find this goose, because it mingles and blends in so well with the local ducks.

It is impressive how many people have travelled from the U.S. and Canada just to see this rare bird that sits in our backyard. Locating our Pink-footed Goose prior to its move to Bowring Park was "iffy," but now, it is pretty much a sure thing this bird is going to be in this location on a daily basis.

Not knowing when this rare species will return to Newfoundland, it is a priority for many people to see this bird at least once and for others, to see it as many times as possible.

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