Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interesting and Useful Info

For some reason I began to wonder if I could name the provincial birds of Canada. Well, I knew the Atlantic Puffin was the Newfoundland Provincial Bird, and I knew the Blue Jay was the bird of PEI. That was it. I didn't know any more, so I decided to look into it. This is what I found:
Alberta - Great Horned Owl
British Columbia - Steller's Jay
Manitoba - Great Grey Owl
New Brunswick - Black-capped Chickadee
Newfoundland and Labrador - Puffin
Nova Scotia - Osprey
Ontario - Common Loon
Prince Edward Island - Blue Jay
Quebec - Snowy Owl
Saskatchewan - Sharp-tailed Grouse
Northwest Territories - Gryfalcon
Nunavut - Rock Ptarmigan
Yukon - Common Raven
My musings then began to move in another direction. What birds were regularly being sighted in each of these areas? It took me quite a while to locate a series of web sites that maintain regular reports like our NL Google Discussion Group.  Having looked at the sites for other provinces, I concluded ours is really the best reporting system on the go. Maybe there are others out there I am not aware of. I invite anyone who had a useful link to leave a comment directing us to any provincial reporting site.
British Columbia -
I have met a number of people from out-of-province that follow our google group regularly. I thought, perhaps, some from here might be interested in following other provincial birding activity.

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