Sunday, January 6, 2013

An Opportunity Like No Other

 This Pink-footed Goose was first spotted near St. John's on November 19, 2012. At that time, there was no getting close to this bird. It would take to wing and disappear for days. Seen off and on over the next month and then not, it was thought that maybe it had left us.
We were wrong. It is still here, and as of December 28th, it took up residency at a local park, Bowring, where it is fitting in nicely with all of the other water fowl in the area. This week Bruce Mactavish reported it sleeping among the ducks.
I took a quick drive to the area, and it was still there sound asleep. Not at all disturbed by the walkers, on-lookers or rush and grind of the passing traffic. This bird has adapted. It was reported by Allison Mews yesterday that it has even taken to eating cracked corn delivered by a regular at the park.

 It seems apparent that this bird is going to survive and stay with us a while. What an opportunity! Since it has become so settled, it is now possible to really look at this bird. I was amazed by the shag-carpet like, brown hair.
While I saw a Pink-footed Goose a couple of years back at a small, unlikely pond for this bird, it was impossible to get close. Views were limited to binoculars and distant pictures. Not this time, we have a real celebrity among us for many to enjoy. This location will be a safe-haven for this bird. Maybe it will like it so much, it will stay a really long time.

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