Friday, January 4, 2013

Northern Mockingbird

Using the back door with Picasa Web Albums, and following Bruce's lead, I was able to add these photos to my site.  It took a little more effort, but it is worth it to be able to share the mockingbird story.

Starting off much like last year, I chased this Northern Mockingbird for quite a while before I got a really good look at it. Last winter I totally struck out with the mockingbird.  This bird had been seen by many at a Holly Bush. Each time I passed by, I saw the berry supply dwindling. Along with the disappearing berries, I figured my chances of seeing this bird were fading.

Well, the early days of the new year brought out many birders who had some vacation time and wanted to use it doing what they enjoy most - birding. Finally seeing this bird was the result of the help of others who spotted the Northern Mockingbird feeding from a suet cake on the back side of a home, visible from a walking trail.

When I arrived at the location and several birders pointed the way, I hurried up, and I slowed down. I wanted to rush into the back yard, but I inched into viewing range quite gingerly, hoping not to frighten the bird away. I really wanted to see it. I would have crawled on all fours, if I thought that would have enhanced my chances.

At last, there it was! It's not that I haven't seen a Northern Mockingbird. In fact, I had really good views of one at Cape Spear in the fall. It was rather a combination of wanting to see the bird again, the winter list tally, and not wanting to be out-smarted by a mockingbird again this winter.

Tick! "I got he!" (Smile!) Being ever-cognizant that I was standing in some one's driveway, I didn't stay long. I figured I was one of many who were going to venture on to this private property during the day, and I needed to move on to make way for others. Now that I have seen this bird once, odds are I will see it several times again before it leaves us.

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