Sunday, September 30, 2012

Indigo Bunting - Blackhead

It wasn't very long ago that I went to Middle Pond and sat near a feeder for three hours waiting for a "blue" Indigo Bunting to appear. It was a no-show, but the homeowner's pictures from the day before were great.

Well, at Blackhead, I saw the next best thing - a fall Indigo Bunting. The remnants of blue are still very clear. It was amazing this bird was not daunted by the many on-lookers and their gear.
It stayed busy and would disappear from time to time, but it continued to return to the edge of the road to eat the dried foliage. We were all delighted.
I thought this picture was interesting because it showed the back very well. When I get a look at a bird, it most often doesn't provide a full-bodied pose, so it helps to study the bird from every angle.
It seems this little bird appeared earlier this year than last.  I know I didn't see it as soon as it was spotted last year, but my pictures of that visit are dated October 17, along with the Blue Grosbeak, I should add. Maybe there will be a Blue Grosbeak at Blackhead today. I will look for one.

This is another view of the Indigo Bunting.  Without the side view, it is easy to mistake this pose as being another species. Hopefully, all of these images, will help other new birders like me to spot the Indigo Bunting a little easier.  It is exciting times now with all of the migrating birds dropping in all over the place. Anywhere my produce something special.

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