Friday, September 28, 2012

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Well, at last a picture of a Black-throated Blue Warbler.  I missed the picture last year, and I missed the picture of the male last week, but this female didn't escape my lens this time.  I have to be really honest and report that I did not identify this bird.  It was Super Dave who helped me out with that.
These shots were taken in Tor's Cove in a flurry of very interesting activity.  There were Cedar Waxwings and three more different birds that were very interesting. I got pictures that are so poor  no ID can be made.  There is a real disadvantage to not being able to identify a bird on the spot.
Try as I might, I don't always get the picture. I miss a lot of birds, and I really feel awful when that happens.

In fact, Margie and I were also at La Manche when a probable Great Blue Heron flew overhead. I got pictures, but I went from shooting in the dark undergrowth straight to a shot in the sky, needless to say, the shots were so bad no ID could be made on that either.

Here is an example of just how bad it can be.  In the middle of this picture is a very olive-colored bird with a white streak on its face and a very white belly. It got away without an ID:-(
Here is another example:  Look for the yellow in the middle of the picture. Above that is the head and you can trace the form from there. ID:-(

Then there was the one with the sunshine yellow belly that totally got away. I keep looking, shooting and hoping for a clear enough rendition to be able to study and identify later, when the feathers have settled. This was one of those rare moments when there are so many different birds around you, it is hard to know where to look.

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