Sunday, November 13, 2011

SS Kyle - Harbour Grace

On a recent birding trip to Harbour Grace I was taken once again by a grounded steam ship sitting in the harbour. All of the grass growing on its decks was a sure sign that this vessel was no longer in operation.

I was trying to keep my eye on the water looking for the rare target bird but the sun was bouncing off the golden stack and I was distracted.  As we walked down the edge of the road, a jogger passed by, never breaking his stride, and said, "April 17, 1913."  He had to be talking about the ship.  My friend then remembered the name of the ship which prompted me to do a little research.

There is a great web site prepared by a family member of this ship's first captain located at:

It tells quite a detailed story of this great old ship and the important role it played in the history of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Thank goodness for people who hold fast to treasures of the past and the stories that accompany them.  With Newfoundland's traditions and ways of life of yesteryear slipping away so quickly, these jewels of an era gone by are very important to keeping a little tangible history available to the children who will never likely experience the isolation and hardship known so well by their grandparents.

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