Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Osprey Have Moved On!

For a few months out of the year we have the opportunity to watch the spectacular displays of Osprey hunting and diving for fish.  However, none was quite so spectacular as the dozen that were diving for flatfish off Bellevue Beach in late August and early September.

On a long walk down Bellevue Beach to the mussel bed, a birding buddy and I came upon a filming crew from the Discovery Channel. They were at the right place and time as there was an amazing show unfolding just off shore. One Osprey after another was diving and coming up with a fish.  I have never seen the magnitude of this activity, nor have I seen them dive in salt water.  Given the depth of the water and the ground-dwelling fish, these birds were diving deep and leaving an amazing splash behind them as they, then, resurfaced and flew off with a shinning white bellied fish. No sooner had one lifted off when another was diving and another.

The film crew stayed for at least three days, maybe longer.  On one day they took out a pontoon boat to film the fish on the ocean floor.  The sun was bright and offered them a great view of the fish and the birds.  When the show will be aired I don't know but it will be worth watching for it.

In the meantime we can only wait for the Osprey to return in the Spring.

Note:  Click on image to see enlargement.

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