Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House Finch

In July, I had one chance to photograph a pair of House Finches. They flew in quite a distance from me and sat on a wire for about five minutes. At the time, I wasn't sure what they were but I knew that I hadn't seen them before. Click! Click!

When I got home, I downloaded over 900 photos. (That is after already deleting the worst shots off my camera.) It has taken me a long time to sort, group, identify and process the images. The House Finch is one bird that I was able to identify by using my resources. (There were 13 birds that I couldn't identify. I sent them to a local birder who is working on them now.)

It is too bad that the distance and settings limit a good view of this pretty bird. The House Finch falls into the same family of birds as the Pine Grosbeak. As luck would have it, I found a pair of Pine Grosbeaks yesterday while walking Cochrane Pond Road. I will likely upload those new shots in about ten days.

The House Finch is a common bird, coast to coast across the U.S. However, it is possible it may find its way here some time. This morning, I read a report that a Turkey Vulture had been spotted on the West Coast of the island. I never know what to expect but the unexpected.

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