Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chipping Sparrow

In the Spring, I read on the Discussion Group postings that Chipping Sparrows had been spotted in the province. According to the field guides, they are not common here. When I didn't get out to see the birds posted, I thought I missed my chance to see a Chipping Sparrow.

That was not the case. Quite unexpectedly this summer, I got out of my car at a motel in Arkansas and spotted a couple of small birds flitting around the parking lot. Quick to grab my camera, I hurried over. I was delighted to find this lone Chipping Sparrow flying in and out of the rails of the white fence. It wasn't until I looked at my shots more closely that I realized I had found a Chipping Sparrow. This is the one and only picture that I got so it is what it is - a record shot.

The Chipping Sparrow is quite tame and will even eat from your hand. Its chestnut colored cap makes this bird easy to identify. With any luck, I will come across one here in Newfoundland one day.

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