Thursday, February 26, 2015


While in Pouch Cove on the 16th of this month, I came upon a very odd set of large tracks. I found the tracks in the middle of a clearing with no other tracks leading in or out, just in the middle of the area. Puzzled, I wondered what kind of bird could make such a large track.

Tucked away among my many pictures, I also have this image of a very streaky bird seen in early September. The bird has yet to be identified.


  1. Lisa, I believe that both the track and the mystery bird are crow/raven.

  2. Thanks, Shawn. Another suggestion has been Bald Eagle tracks and an immature Starling.

  3. I think the track is simply a large bird maybe raven or eagle that is a couple days old so it apears larger. The photo of the bird I'm almost certain is a young cedar waxwing.

  4. A waxwing is another good suggestion given the light background with the dark streaking.