Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cappahayden: A Birding Hotspot

 For three years, I zoomed right through Cappahayden on my way down the Southern Shore. Little did I know it cradled a wonderful array of warblers, particularly in September.
 With a little help from my friends, I learned where to go in this small community to maximize my time and birding experience.
 On September 19, I spent one hour in a very accessible birding spot and came up with all of these pictures.
Pictured here are six species of really great warblers. While the Blackpoll warbler is a frequent sight across the province, the other warblers shown here take a little more time to locate. Dave Brown told me that more uncommon birds will more likely to be found with Blackpoll Warblers than other species. A good tip.
 If you want an hour to dissolve into absolute oblivion to the rest of the world, drop into the patch of woods at the fork in the road in Cappahayen and just be patient.
 If you are there at the right time, you may be rewarded with the bright glow of a Prairie Warbler.  It was so curious, staying on the same branch and striking one amazing pose after another. An interesting observation from Fall birding 2014: On three separate occasions when I saw Prairie Warblers, they were in the company of Black-throated Green Warblers.
 How could I have missed this place before? There are so many known and uncharted places to bird on the Avalon. I plan to explore some new areas this year.
 Honestly, there aren't enough hours in a day to bird the whole southern shore. It is so easy to while away the hours while intensely scrutinizing every little movement through the trees and in the alders.  With great anticipation, too, I should add.
 Shown here in order are: Blackpoll Warbler; Black-throated Green; Common Yellowthroat; Palm Warbler; Prairie Warbler and American Redstart.

 Note: I have added a link to Beverley Schneider's blog. She is a birder who resides in New Brunswick and has visited Newfoundland to enjoy some of our sea birds.  Her latest post on her two-month old blog contains some great shots of a Fieldfare seen in Nova Scotia. Enjoy.

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