Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter Winds

 I would love to harness the winds of Newfoundland and haul them out to sea, forever gone. Probably the worst weather condition for birding is persistent, incessant gale-force winds. For months we have dealt with a blast of multi-directional winds. Even in the summer, it just won't quit. Year-round torment!
 Not only are strong winds irritating, the roar drowns out the sounds of birds and dampens their spirit to fly, and if they do fly they only create a blur as they whiz by on an updraft. The turbulence  ruffles the waves on the ocean making sea watching impossible....just as well stay home than get blown off the rocks into the rocking swells while seeing nothing.
This morning 100 km gusts are pounding the region...again! Not fit to go out the door!
With the kindness of a family in Witless Bay, I was able to enjoy a few minutes of indoor birding on Sunday. I made a quick trip to the area on Sunday to try to see the visiting Red-bellied Woodpecker reported in the area. From the comfort of a sun room, I was captivated by the warm red head on this great little bird. It seemed more like a pet now than a wild bird.

Even though the calendar says Spring will arrive in about three weeks, that really doesn't apply to Newfoundland. We will continue to see snow, high winds, rain, drizzle, fog and cold temps right through May and possibly into June. You have to be hardy of body and mind to live on this North Atlantic island. Birds that survive here through Winter have to be even stronger and get a little help from their human friends.

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  1. Lisa, sounds like the weather has changed and grounded most of the birds. Great photos of the Red-bellied Woodpecker.