Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lapland Longspur - Cape Spear in September

 It is around this time of the year I flip through old photos from the previous year. To ensure I haven't missed any birds worth posting here, or to clean out the junk, or to save the best shots, folders of photos much be acted upon.
This morning, I came upon this Lapland Longspur I failed to post in September. Found at Cape Spear on September 17, this female Lapland Longspur was keeping company with five others. They calmly went about feeding even though I was only 20 feet away.
 Longspur like open country and obviously enjoy berries. Nothing was going to tear them away from these low-growing blue berries, not the blueberries we eat.
The fall is typically the only time of year we can see longspur in the St. John's area, more specifically Cape Spear. They arrive anytime from early September through mid-to-late October. Miss them at that time and you will have to go to Cape Race to track them down. Sometimes they appear with Snow Buntings and sometimes not. They are often seen below or just beyond the old lighthouse. Good to put this one on the calendar and watch for them, because when the come, they usually don't stay very long.

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