Thursday, June 27, 2013

Power's Road

 There are several spots on Power's Road in Goulds that at different times of the year offer up great views of a variety of birds. It is a sure-shot to see raptors in the spring. Ring-necked Ducks commonly frequent Murphy's Pond. Wilson's Warbler are always in abundance in the same area in early spring.
 Hairy Woodpeckers nest along the road. Yellow-bellied and Alder Flycatchers can often be seen and heard at this time of the year. Rusty Blackbirds nest near one of the larger ponds off Power's Road - year after year.
 Last year, there was a Hermit Thrush singing along the road. Sparrow song can be heard at every stopping point. I have seen Canada Geese fly over, flocks of shorebirds in flight, gulls feeding in the fields, Pine Grosbeaks mowing the weeds, and every variety of common warblers that breed here.
This area of Goulds offers the widest variety of local birds. It is so easy to burn up four or five hours birding this area alone because of the constant flutter of wings and the chorus of songs. However, if a birder wants to get the most out of this experience, avoid the weekends when the road is filled with ATVs.

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