Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just because...

there are good birds, it doesn't mean there are good pictures!

Trying to photograph birds is like trying to get a formal portrait of a two-year old! It takes a lot of patience and some old-fashioned good luck. Temper that with a lot of skill, and we see the kinds of pictures being produced by our local birders.

I view their shots with such admiration, because I know just how hard it is to get them.

There were several American Redstarts around today, but getting one to pose was impossible.

They flew from deeply-shaded areas into bright sunny areas and back again! While conditions for birding this morning were nearly perfect, my pictures are certainly less than perfect.

When the Redstarts would land in an area where my settings might be acceptable, they would hide behind every obstacle in the bush.

No mercy! However, that didn't take anything from the experience. It was exciting to see these new arrivals back and looking so healthy and happy.

Near and far, there was no photo today of the male American Redstart.

However, this little female was more cooperative. One more species of warbler has returned to spend the summer. It is amazing how spry they are considering how far they had to travel to get here. There was no sign of "jet lag."

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  1. Do what many good bird photographers do and use a bird song app.Hang the device on a tree or tripod near some likely "landing"spots and your opportunities for good photos are much improved.