Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013 Butterflies in Newfoundland

It is still early in the season, but I am beginning to see more and more butterflies as I get out into the woods. Among the earliest to appear was the Cabbage Butterfly.

The Mourning Cloak are showing up all over the place now. It is very easy to catch sight of one.

This Green Comma is a first for me. I have recently learned the Green Comma is more common than the Gray Comma, although they are very similar. Like birds, butterflies have very distinct and subtle markings.

Learning about these little insects add another interesting dimension to being in the woods.

One of the nicest and most common of our butterflies is the Tiger Swallowtail. It was just this week that I began to see them about. They were kind of like the Black and White Warbler: One day there were none and the next day, they were everywhere.

Also around, were several little moths - white and purple - but they were too small for me to get a focus on. If all birders were to begin to document the butterflies seen when out and around, we could help to build a broader information base about the kind, location and frequency of butterflies. I will set up a tab at the top of this page soon to make it easier to follow the butterfly story of 2013. I don't know much at all about them, but this is a way for me to learn.

I particularly like this shot, because this little one is looking at me as I took the shot! That certainly personalized the experience.

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