Saturday, June 8, 2013

Unknown Flycatcher is an Olive-sided Flycatcher

 This tree-topper is a puzzle. There is no yellow on it, hence not a Yellow-breasted Flycatcher.
 There seem to be distinct stripes on the breast and sides.
The beak looks particularly yellow and the tail somewhat short.

 The wingbars don't seem to match any of the empidonax flycatchers. There also seems to be a white patch on the rump. These palest shots were taken from a long way off. I increased the ISO in an attempt to get some detail.
When it flew, it was in a better location but didn't stay there long.

To see the pictures better, click on them to enlarge. If anyone would like to have them mailed to you in order to see the bird better, please let me know. It is the streaking that is most confounding.

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